Modern Tropical Lobbies Welcome You Home at Azure North

First impressions last, and when it comes to condo living, making a lasting impression goes beyond having a stunning facade that’s distinguishable even from afar.

In condominiums, lobbies do more than just welcome homeowners and their guests into the building. It can also function as a reception area where guests can sit comfortably and as a special seating area where residents can pass the time while waiting for deliveries.

Since it’s one of the first areas residents, visitors, and potential homebuyers see, it’s important that its layout, furniture pieces, and overall ambiance create a welcoming atmosphere and an unforgettable look. While many condo lobbies feature open spaces with seating and decor pieces, there are properties that elevate the aesthetic further by showcasing a style that matches the property’s theme.

Century Properties, one of the leading real estate developers in the country, always makes sure the common areas of their developments do more than just provide a space where homeowners can sit and entertain guests. From modern lobbies to luxe amenities, you can count on Century Properties to come up with areas that inspire and make you want to make the most of the property you live in.

The Resort Residences at Azure North, the developer’s resort-inspired residential development in San Fernando, Pampanga, is on track toward its completion, and the features that make it unique are coming to life. Aside from the water amenities that set it apart from other residential developments, Azure North takes resort-inspired living to the next level by making sure its lobbies feature tropical touches, too.

Celebrated and award-winning interior designer Chat Fores, who has collaborated with Century Properties on different projects over the years, made sure that the Azure North lobbies are more than just passageways from the outdoors to the units. “Once they move in, I want the homeowners to feel like they want to have fun, like they just stepped into a hotel and they’re ready to go down and swim,” she explains.

The Monaco Tower Lobby

A condo lobby should look inviting and comfortable. Bathed in natural light, the Monaco tower lobby is airy and visually appealing, with a well-planned seating area and accent pieces in place.

The wall and ceiling accents reminiscent of woven and solihiya details will immediately capture the attention of those visiting. In gold and sprucing up the wall behind the concierge area, the accents are modern and elegant while still keeping within the tropical style.

Instead of filling the space with plants, only a few potted green wonders brighten up the area near the upholstered chairs to maintain the clutter-free aesthetic. Touches of blue, green, flora, and fauna can be seen on the chosen decor pieces as well, a subtle way of alluding to the property’s theme. Here, a glass shelf and table hold the handpicked decor, adding to the sleek and contemporary vibe.

Near the elevators is a compact seating nook that doubles as an Instagram spot. Homeowners can comfortably wait for their ride as well as snap a photo that will look perfect on their feeds.

The Bali Tower Lobby

While the Bali Tower lobby is as open and spacious as the Monaco lobby, what sets it apart are the details that complete it. Instead of woven details as accents, the Bali lobby features an Art Deco-inspired wall accent in the concierge area and lightwood veneer on the ceiling.

Reminiscent of boutique hospitality spaces, the Bali lobby has plush seating pieces in colors that complement the tropical theme. While this area doesn’t have a seating area near the elevators, it makes up for it by having built-in cushions by the beautifully styled shelves.

At the Bali Tower lobby, the wallpapers do more than liven up the walls. They also serve as fitting backdrops for the decor pieces, as well as add to the calming vibe of the space.

When it comes to looking for a new home, it’s important that you also consider the environment you’re moving into. Is it a place where you can feel at ease and inspired the moment you step inside? The answer should be a resounding yes.

At Azure North, you’ll feel at home the moment you enter the property and take in the serenity of the place. What’s even more rewarding is that you get to pass by a well-

thought-out lobby that complements the resort-inspired living you’ll get to savor and experience every day. Here, #MovingUpNorth doesn’t just mean investing in a home; it also means living an inspired life.

To learn more about Azure North and its available units, log on to A customer care specialist will be online to assist you.

This Studio Unit Showcases Resort-Inspired Living at Azure North

It’s one thing to live in a property that mimics a tropical oasis and another to have a space that encapsulates the resort-inspired living you can take pleasure in every day.

Designed by MORFOSIS, this studio unit at Azure North is a piece of paradise on its own. Completed with a calming sage green color palette, proudly Pampanga-made pieces, and items that mirror the beauty of beach waves, it’s a dream space anyone would love to call home.

In finalizing the look of the unit, the MORFOSIS team, took inspiration from the resort-like amenities of Azure North while also showing how a studio unit can be maximized. They came up with the Paraluman concept which highlights curved motifs, metallic accents, and a compass.

“Paraluman is an archaic Tagalog word for magnetic needle, something that guides your way like a compass,” explains interior designer Misty Floro, the design principal of MORFOSIS. With many homebuyers looking into investing in homes and starting anew outside the Metro, pointing this needle to the North sounds about right.

“We have observed that a lot of people are getting into camping these days as we’ve been cooped up with the pandemic. A lot of us crave to be closer to nature and I think that Azure North has that appeal of being closer to nature and the outdoors,” Misty adds.

From the moment you walk into the unit and as you open the doors to the balcony, you’ll feel instantly uplifted – as if you can hear the sounds of the ocean in the background and you can revel in the serenity.

With every inch of space considered valuable these days, the MORFOSIS team was also able to incorporate storage, an efficient kitchen, a dining nook for two, and even a workspace into the studio unit.

Take a peek inside the resort-inspired studio unit at Azure North below:

The entryway is made more functional by adding narrow shelves and a pegboard on the wall to hold small essentials. There’s also a sanitation station, storage for shoes, and hooks to hold bags and jackets by the door.

The color palette is easy on the eyes and comforting. Reminiscent of cool waters, sage green is a welcome alternative to the shades of blue often seen in beach-inspired homes.

To maximize the available space, MORFOSIS extended the kitchen by adding extra countertop space that can be used as a dining nook. The designers made sure the countertop is bar-height to match the dining stools that can be easily tucked underneath when not in use.

According to Misty, the wallpaper they chose for the unit is special. Not only does it mimic waves as they hit the shore, but the patterns also help reinforce the laid-back vibe of the unit.

The headboard and mirror both highlight captivating undulating lines. Furniture makers from Pampanga customized the headboard using solid wood and solihiya. And to further add an organic feel to the unit, a buri rug from Pampanga anchors the sleeping space.

Meanwhile, the ceiling features the compass concept, with a graphic mural of a compass taking the spotlight. The illustration points to the North, fully embracing not just Azure North but the milestone of #MovingUpNorth. A linear ceiling lamp echoing the shape of the compass needle also illuminates the studio unit.

A balcony holds a ton of possibilities depending on the owner’s needs. Here, MORFOSIS set up a mini camping ground – with faux turf and potted plants sprucing up the area. The designers completed it with camping chairs and tables that can be used for an outdoor picnic or simply as a hangout space where fresh air can be relished.

Can you imagine the sweet, sunny life waiting for you at Azure North? Nothing beats having your condo unit in a resort residential development where you can feel like you’re on vacation every day. You can easily unplug and head down to the amenities if you need to decompress or you can marvel at the view of Mt. Arayat from a distance.

Living in Azure North doesn’t limit your options to these, of course. You can always explore Pampanga – its hidden spots and delightful delicacies. There’s much to be discovered in this booming province, after all.

Developed by Century Properties, The Resort Residences at Azure North is a first-of-its-kind development in Northern Luzon. Rising on an eight-hectare prime property, it features spacious condo units, resort-inspired amenities, and a fresh start in San Fernando, Pampanga.

If you have questions about the units, the payment terms, and how you can visit the property. Log on to A customer care specialist will be online to assist you. 

A First Of Its Kind Residential Development In Pampanga

Award-winning interior designer Chat Fores talks about bringing a refreshed Azure aesthetic to The Resort Residences at Azure North

When you hear the word Azure, many things immediately come to mind – striking blue hues, sparkling waters, and an air of luxury. These things encapsulate what Azure Urban Resort Residences is – Century Properties’ milestone project in Parañaque City where residents take pleasure in beachfront living in the city. In addition to giving homeowners a piece of paradise in the Metro, Azure Urban Resort Residences also takes pride in bringing the first large scale man-made beach concept to a residential development in the Philippines.

How do you replicate a project that’s considered as one of the most beautiful real estate developments in Philippine real estate history? While it can be overwhelming, Century Properties has taken on the challenge of bringing the trademark Azure vibe up north, in a province that’s fast-becoming a go-to-choice of homebuyers who want to invest in their own spaces.

The Resort Residences at Azure North in San Fernando, Pampanga is on the rise, a first of its kind residential development in Northern Luzon. What better way to see the project through than with design professionals who have helped bring previous groundbreaking Century Properties projects to life?

Award-winning interior designer Chat Fores is at the helm of bringing Azure North’s lobbies and amenities to life – making sure each space has that distinct Azure vibe while giving future homeowners something to look forward to.

The Bali Tower Lobby

“Azure always has a happy vibe and I love designing with the project in mind. It has a fun, upbeat tropical concept that can’t be beat, especially the water amenities,” says the interior designer. As a pioneer in creating properties that exceed clients’ expectations, Century Properties is known for its amenities that go beyond the usual. Azure North will have its own man-made beach, a lap pool, a wave pool, and a beach bar. Of course, what’s a tropical oasis without a clubhouse? The property will have a clubhouse where residents can come together and enjoy different activities.

Award-winning interior designer Chat Fores

As IDr. Chat shares, “it’s an oasis in the middle of the residential development where people can meet up, have a drink, work out, take a break, and just have fun. We also have a deck on the second floor that’s designed for events like parties, happy hours, and even sunset yoga sessions.”

In designing the clubhouse, the interior designer made sure it was made with the people living within the property in mind. In the words of IDr. Chat, it’s a “comfortable hospitality-style clubhouse” that has a hotel-like feel. “We took our vibrant color scheme to channel the modern tropical theme mixed with a laid-back layout patterned after boutique hospitality spaces,” she explains.

The same modern tropical concept will be showcased in the property’s hallways, gym, function room, and even the lockers. The interior designer will be using touches of teal, lightwood veneer, and modern pieces that the new generation of homebuyers can also appreciate.

“Once they move in, I want the homeowners to feel like they want to have fun, like they just stepped into a hotel and they’re ready to go down and swim,” muses IDr. Chat. Aside from keeping with the Azure feel of things, the interior designer is committed to giving clients something new.

“We still have the usual amenities and the comfort and personal touch of Century properties is always there. Azure has always been known to be a frontrunner in residential development, especially in terms of amenities. We want to keep the same reputation by having similar layouts, fun concepts, laid-back interiors, and splashes of drama with color. It has modern yet lasting interior design,” IDr. Chat shares.

A calming yet fun place to live in, The Resort Residences at Azure North is shaping up to become a landmark in Pampanga as it offers a piece of ocean-inspired paradise you can proudly call your own. With some of the country’s top design professionals in charge of livening it up, homeowners are guaranteed of coming home to a relaxing haven where you can feel like you’re on holiday every day.

Azure North is conveniently located right at the San Fernando exit of the North Luzon Expressway. It brings you closer to the best of what Pampanga has to offer while keeping commercial establishments, malls, and even the Clark International Airport within reach. 

Once the Skyway extension of the NLEX is completed, the property will be 90 minutes away from Makati City. To learn more about The Resort Residences at Azure North and to talk to a property specialist, log on to